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At De Bree Solutions, we help you find a solution tailored to your waste requirements.  An efficient service with due respect for the environmental is central to our integrated waste management policy. De Bree Solutions nv started out as a cleaning company but has grown into a company offering a wide range of activities.

De Bree Solutions: your reliable and available partner for cleaning and waste solution 24/7.

Since our services are also used to clean up accidental pollution, we are ready to solve all your cleaning and waste problems 24/7. Please contact us for more information about our services.

De Bree Solutions for a wide range of environmental activities

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Even though De Bree Solutions started in its current form in 1975, it has a long history preceding it.


The company's origins are in sanitation and waste collection. Over the years, these activities have steadily expanded, and two generations later, De Bree Solutions is active in the field of Industrial cleaning, green recycling, TOP, DOP to handle soil surpluses, soil remediation, soil redevelopment, waste management, water treatment, treatment of liquid sludge, camera inspection and mapping sewer systems and sewer renovation. For urgent interventions in response to accidents involving environmental pollution, you can contact us at any time. 


Around the year 2000 and the years that followed, the company experienced strong growth. Under the impulse of our management, environmental legislation changed, and a growing economy invested in new recycling technology.  An example of this is the soil cleaning centre and water treatment plant, but above all, new strategic locations. For example, in 2003/2004, no fewer than three new locations were added , Ostend, Eke and Schoondijke in the Netherlands. At those sites, we receive and process considerable amounts of waste into renewed raw materials.  In addition, as mentioned above, the activities have been extended.  Indeed, we have been running three inter-municipal and municipal processing plants, namely in Eeklo on behalf of IVM, in Ostend on behalf of IVOO and in Aalter. A few years ago, De Bree also ventured into France under the name De Brée Environnement sarl, mainly specialising in soil redevelopment and inert waste streams. 


In recent years, a concrete plant was added to our site in Maldegem under the name Breeton NV, specialised in dry concrete and ready-mixed concrete made from recycled raw materials. We have also invested in innovative technology. For example, a considerable investment was made at our water treatment plant by, among others, extending biological water treatment coupled with renewed physico-chemical water treatment. The tertiary stage, too, has been overhauled completely with new and additional treatment steps. This makes it possible to receive and process waste water and liquid sludge that is more difficult to process.  The recycled water is reused in all our cleaning processes.  For a year, we have been running a depot for the storage of unpolluted soil surpluses with a capacity of 1,000,000 tonnes, this under the name DOP Kortemark nv. 


In terms of name and corporate image, the company changed from “De Bree cleaning”  to “De Bree Solutions”. The growth of our activities meant that the name 'cleaning' no longer covered the load.  The name 'solutions' stands for the solutions we offer in our area of expertise, which are, as already mentioned, considerable. Our corporate image: a reliable and available partner with a pedigree SME mentality.  We offer our clients many solutions in our expertise of cleaning and recycling 24/7.

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